Simi Bhaumik is a quintessential technical analyst who would go by the price movement to buy or sell any financial security. She has been connected with the stock market for more than six years. She has seen two major bull markets and an intervening bear market culminating in the bottom formed in the wake of Bin Laden's destroying the twin towers of World Trade Centre.

Simi uses Dow Theory principles to understand market movements. She also uses tools like Fibonacci and Gann studies. While she recognizes the validity of Elliott Wave principles but she herself personally does not employ the Elliott principles. In a similar vein, while being acutely aware of the fundamentals holding sway over the long term, she does not use fundamental data to arrive at her projections. She believes that the technicals anticipate the major fundamentals that come to be known at a later stage.

SEBI Registration Number INH300003306

The other thing she stresses is a strict application of risk control mechanisms starting with both application of stop loss mechanism, diversified portfolio of positions and entering a trade with only a favourable risk-reward ratio to start with.

She advises both individual and corporate clients. Falling short of handling clients' money herself and executing trades on their behalf, she does all other things starting with trade selection till advising on closing the trades. She also advises people looking for medium to long term investments.

Her technical prowess has now been well recognized; she appears a number of times during the week on several national business channels like NDTV Profit, Zee Business, and Sahara Samay. Apart from these channels she has also appeared on CNBC-Awaaz, Headlines Today and CNN IBN.

Even she appears on a regional channel named NE Bangla. There she appears once a week on Saturdays from 10 to 10.30 a.m. Not just that she gives her views daily on the same channel in the morning between Monday and Friday around 10.15 am.

Previously, she used to appear on another Bengali channel, Kolkata TV but now Bengali viewers can only listen to her comments exclusively on NE Bangla channel.



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